Wood Art – Decorative AND Functional – by Windy Island Designs

The chance to work with amazing artists, both local and from farther afield, is one of the highlights of owning Blue Pelican for the past 15 years. For example, it is an inspiration to see people follow their dream to create and share their talents with others. I was so excited this year to add local Avon artists Tom and Keven Eriksen’s amazing and unique wood art to the shop, for that very reason.

Crab Wood Wall Art by Windy Island Designs
Crab Wooden Wall Art

If you have been in the Gallery lately, you are probably familiar with Windy Island Designs and their gorgeous carved wall art, as seen below. We’ve also added quite a few stunning functional pieces, such as wooden charcuterie boards, bowls, and spoons, just in time for holiday festivities.

Wood Artists Tom and Keven Eriksen in front of their Work
Masks were removed just for this photo. A sign of the Times

Meet Tom and Keven Eriksen, the creative husband and wife duo behind Windy Island Designs. Their name is a culmination of their love of the wind and water. They draw daily inspiration from their home in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. They use an innovative process of combining hand-carving, with technology, to create their gorgeous wood sculptures.

Layers of wood veneer, pressure dyed primarily for skateboard decks, enhance the 3D effect.

This is what produces the amazing colors and textures (see example below).

Wood Octopus Wall Art Showing Edge View and 3D Carving
Edge View of Octopus Wall Art

In short, we love the fact that Tom and Keven created their amazing life as a collaborative endeavor. To quote Keven, “We have been on this journey together for 45 years and are so happy to be ‘living the dream’ doing this full time.”

Check out all the new pieces from Windy Island Design. And most importantly, be inspired to follow your own dream, whatever that may be.

Current selection of Tom and Keven’s art:

Leaf Platter

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This artsy and fun leaf platter has clay swirls on each end and a leaf design inside. Great as a fruit and cheese platter.

All of Mosquito Mud's pottery is microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe.

Size is 8.5" w x 14" d x 1" high

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