weebrawbag with Orange Purple Paisley - Tall

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weebrawbag. noun (plural weebrawbags) Scottish
Little container used for carrying things. Also recently associated as a handy object holding your most precious crafty items (e.g. haberdashery, WIPs, wool and notions…). Usually fully-lined and even reversible. And definitely the best present for your crafty friends!

weebrawbag /wiːbrɔːbag

Jenn takes yarn and fibers and weaves them into indescribable "fabric" -- Diane takes the woven fabric and transforms it into functional works of art.⁣ It's a collaboration of creative cousins.

No other bag will ever be exactly the same. Similar maybe, but never ever the same. Carefully curated fabric and Woven yarns on the outside, coordinating fabric on the inside, it will fold easily for compact storage...but it's so pretty we think you'll want it on display at all times!

Approximately 9" tall with an opening of 8" x 6", this #weebrawbag used as a yarn bowl/project would hold three or four balls of yarn, depending on the size, or two extra-large yarn cakes, or a W-I-P scarf, shawl, socks or children's clothing. The fun part about these is that the drawstring holds your work securely when you need to take a break or travel with it. Store your notes, glasses, needles, hooks, and mini scissors right in the pockets.

Use it for keys, for cell phones (especially if you have a dinnertime phone-free zone), for makeup and brushes...anything you can think of!

Together, Jenn and Diane put a lot of time and thought and even more love into the making of these bags. Fiber Fusion bags make great gifts---if you can bring yourself to give it away.

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