Wooden Flower Arrangement in Etched Bottle Vase

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Jenn Johnson laser cuts flowers and leaves from 1/8" wood, paints them with alcohol ink and/or acrylic paints, and assembles them in a recycled bottle "vase" (i.e. an airplane-sized gin bottle). The vase is laser etched with "Love" and a flower bouquet design and filled with wooden and/or acrylic laser cut "filler". Flowers are different in each vase.

Great gifts to send out for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and just because. A grouping of three vases looks beautiful on a windowsill or as a table centerpiece. Each vase is 4" tall by 1.5" wide, and flowers range from 7" tall to a little more than 12" tall. This size makes them great for dorm rooms, nursing homes, apartments, or homes where space for decorations is limited.

These are not suitable for very young children; like many hand crafted items they will break if not handled gently. When we ship, we will take extra caution to make sure that your flowers arrive looking just as "fresh" as when they left Hatteras.

**If you would like a certain kind or color of flowers, send us a message; we might just be able to make a custom item, just for you.

To ship as a gift, just put the recipient's address in the shipping section at checkout; you can also leave a note to us in the comments section if you would like to include a gift message.

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