Touchstone Wine Glass

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These unique glasses are perfect for a glass of wine while you dream of the beach. Sold individually or as a set.

Description and photos courtesy of the artists: "Made from recycled glass and the same smooth New England stones that grace all of our work, our Touchstone Wine Glasses are an elegant and versatile take on the traditional wineglass.

Perfectly sized to accommodate reds, whites, or water, the stone that’s part of each glass enhances your favorite drink while making it a pleasure to hold and behold. The graceful glasses were inspired by cairns, the man-made rock markers arranged throughout New England’s mountains to help hikers find their way.

The smooth stone encourages the sipper to hold the glass by its stem for a pure taste unchanged by the heat of their hand. Since glasses are made from handpicked stones, no two are the same, so there’s no more confusion over whose glass is whose.

Hand wash gently with soap and water.

Stone color will vary and may not be exactly as shown."

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