Tasha McKelvey

Artist Statement:

My clay work is intended to be useful - this is art that is meant to be touched. In the past everything we used in the home was made by hand. Today our homes are filled with stuff stamped out by machines. When we seek out handmade art we make our surroundings a little more human.

I make a line of handmade ceramics inspired by my travels, forests, gardens and little cottages. I throw on the potter's wheel or use slabs of clay to hand-build my clay forms. Each piece is glazed by hand and fired in an electric kiln.

All of my work is made in my studio in Richmond, Virginia.

Why I’m an Artist

I’ve always been a maker. From a very young age I knew I wanted to be an artist. Drawing, painting, crafts and creative play were second nature for me - unlike most early school work due to my dyslexia. I was blessed with family and teachers who actively encouraged me to focus on my strengths, even while I struggled in other areas. My difficulty in school was great training for being a professional artist. Being an artist is labor of love that can be filled with challenges, yet the good definitely makes up for the bad. You just can’t give up.

I started my pottery business during my senior year of college in 2000. I believe in making sustainable choices for my business and my life. I’m always striving to decrease my business’s environmental impact - from moving my studio to my house and buying from local suppliers to cut down on fuel usage to hand recycling my clay. My gift packaging and shipping materials are made from recycled or re-purposed materials. Whenever possible I purchase re-purposed, recycled and/or recyclable supplies for my studio and office.

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