SunSport Canvas by Chris Ann Buday

The Original Sea Glass Collector Bags

The Beachomber's Friend!

In 2013, I developed a sea glass and shell collector's bag after walking the beaches watching folks use plastic bags or having sand filled wet pockets. I realized we needed something special for our hobby too, so we looked for the best materials available that would hold up in the outdoor wet environment. We use All-Weather Tear Resistant Mesh and UV protected thread to help with the damaging sun's rays, and hot knife & double stitch the web handles to stop any fraying.

Thus the beach glass/seashell collector bag was born. We debuted these at the 2014 Lake Erie Beach Glass and Coastal Arts Festival in Erie, PA and have been expanding our variety ever since. All hand made from scratch right here in the USA.

How SunSport Canvas bags work

My Wristlets and Bags are made of an All-Weather Tear Resistant fine open weave Mesh that allows the sand and sea to drain properly. It's a collapsible beach bucket and purse all in one. Just fresh water rinse after use.