Strung by Shawna

From the Artist:

In August 2015, I struggled as an empty nester. I worked at an advertising agency and used crafting to fill my time. After seeing string art online I knew it was something I had to try. I researched how to do it but found no consistency in the instruction, so I vowed to figure it out on my own. I made a few boards with embroidery floss, but wasn’t happy with the end result. I decided to try yarn and combined it with my earlier background as a Product Designer at Oriental Trading Co. to develop my own technique. These two changes would inspire my entire business model.I began selling pieces at a handmade store and was amazed at the demand. After selling out at a craft show and generating a large amount of custom orders I quit my “day job” and added on teaching string art in February 2016. Since my first workshop I’ve taught 9,000+ people using my uniquely illustrated designs.After many students began asking for "one hour" at-home projects I developed a mini DIY kit. My goal was to make something affordable with quality materials and could be tackled by any age. After a few months of testing in workshops I began mini kit production in May 2018.Each idea begins in my sketchbook before I take it into the computer to create a formal pattern. I create a sample to fine tune the design before developing a recipe card, along with a step-by-step instruction sheet. All materials are pulled by hand, the wood cut/stained in my wood shop and kits are hand assembled in my studio.
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