Sari Silk Purses or Project Bags


Sari Silk Purses or Project Bags assorted

One of a kind bags, handmade by the women of Nepal out of recycled sari silk (and sometimes recycled rice bags). Imported by Darn Good Yarn (who ensures a fair wage for the artisans). Approximately 10" x 11", and expand to 2" to 3" wide.

Bags have an adjustable strap and zipper closure. They are fully lined and feature an inside pocket for anything that requires easy access. Make a fashion statement while encouraging social change.

Fiber Artists: Imagine how inspired you'll be using these as beautiful project bags. You can put about 8-10 skeins of worsted weight yarn in these bags.

Thank you to Darn Good Yarn for the photos of some of the women who work to create these bags.

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Brand:Darn Good Yarn
Made in:Nepal
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Bag A Front Bag A Back Bag B Front Bag B Back Bag C Front Bag C Back Bag D Front Bag D Back Bag E Front Bag E Back Bag F Front Bag F Back Some of the women who create these bags. Some of the children fed by the purchase of these bags.