Milk Street Soap Company

Milk Street Soap Co. is a well loved, fast growing, family owned, handcrafted soap company on The Outer Banks of North Carolina. Our small bubble factory is located on the southern, most primitive village of the Island chain on Ocracoke Island, USA. Inspired by the extraordinary, waterfront town we belong to, we believe in the magic of majestic natural beauty, strong local communities, honest premium products and deeply satisfying relationships. We believe in the synergy of feeling, looking and doing your best!

We craft our bars and green living products in small, fresh batches, using only the most luxurious and meticulously sourced Earth Conscience ingredients; organic, sustainable, fair trade, animal friendly & honoring, and biodegradable. Everything counts in our bar, even the wrappers are post consumer and the ink is compostable.

To be honest, we started making soap because of skin issues in our family. Our little son had eczema in his bends and folds. We had tried many things with little return and the situation looked to be escalating to more medical intervention. Then, what seemed like an unrelated gift happened; a humble, beautiful, old library book with a soap recipe for just such a skin aliment in it. With the help of our local Island hardware store and a pantry full of organics, we made the first bar of soap (the now refined Mocha Milk soap bar). Toward the end of this first little wonky bar, we saw skin healing progress. Two bars later and we didn't look back!

It has been many years since that humble discovery. We have learned so much through the great fun in 'human' testing approx. 750 of 800 residences that call the Island home (and loads of awesome, vacationing bathers). We continue to get a thrill in helping people feel happy in their own unique skin!! You are invited to one of the best showers of the year!

Good news travels quickly! Try for yourself!!

Warning! May be HABIT FORMING!

Kim and Roger Meacham

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