Love is the Water of Life Vase

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One of a kind functional vase can also be used to hold knitting needles or reading glasses. Enjoy the inspirational quote: "Love is the water of life. Jump into this water." Handmade in NC by Katherine Owen.

"After a divinity School education and time working in churches, I "accidentally" got an art degree! I took an art class at Converse College, then took more art classes (including lots of ceramics classes) and eventually I had enough classes to get a BFA. Not something I ever anticipated. Since 2001, I've been a working potter/ceramics artist. Also not something I ever could have anticipated.

While I work, I have plenty of time to think, reflect, ponder. That's reflected in the quotes I put onto my pots and the overall feel of my work. My work evokes a sense of eternal spring: a freshness, newness, birds singing, butterflies fluttering, flowers blooming. Trees are featured prominently. I love the strength and peacefulness of trees. When I'm anxious and unsettled, I think about trees with their deeply grounded roots, enabling them to sway with the storm, yet remain steadfast."

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