Katherine Owen - Clay Dreaming

Clay Dreaming, the ceramics studio of Katherine Owen, is a place where clay, color, thoughts and ponderings, hopes and dreams and creative magic come together to create works of art that speak to one's soul. Her pottery celebrates the loving kindness and light of life in these Blue Ridge Mountains with lush trees, brilliant Sunrises, peaceful mountains and singing birds. The inspirational quotes on many of her pieces bring the spirit of goodness and hope into your world.

Katherine and Clay Dreaming recently moved to Swannanoa to bask in the spirit of the mountains and to live in a fantastic arts community. She's thrilled with the mountains, the people and the arts of the area!

Katherine hand-builds and wheel throws her pottery from mid-range stoneware clay. She then assembles, if needed, adding brightly colored underglazes and a sgraffito technique (literally carving through). Everywhere you see white, that's the clay that's been revealed when she carves through the under-glaze into the leather hard clay. After firing each pot once, she adds a clear glaze and fires again.

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