I'm Here for You Tea Towel

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"A Little Bit About Tea Towels: They are bright and cheerful and make the sweetest gift. I have them hanging in my studio shop and have caught everyone's attention. The fabric is lovely; the colors are stunning. (They are my favorite product!)

A tea towel is a soft cloth made of linen and/or poly-cotton blend and usually has an imprinted or woven design for decoration. They are the size of a hand towel and date back to the 18th century, when they were originally used at tea ceremonies and to dry expensive fine china. Today, tea towels are found in kitchens and homes across the globe.

Uses: covering warm baked goods | keeping leafy greens fresh | drying dishes | providing vibrant contrast for your kitchen decor

* Fabric: Poly Cotton Twill Blend (soft like cotton but the poly makes the colors pop)

* Size: 18" x 30"

* Care Instructions: Machine Wash | Cold Water | Gentle Cycle

The more you wash your tea towels, the softer they will get! "

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