Hatteras Saltworks

Solar Oven Sea Salt Farm?

Brian, Shaena and their son Declan have been experimenting with different methods of producing sea salt for years. From the Carribean , to the Pacific, and back to the Atlantic Ocean they have studied the crystals, evaporation methods, and practices possible to produce the most pure sea salt available. The quest lead them back to Hatteras Island, where they now strive to give you a clean, mineral rich ocean salt.

Why Hatteras?

Brian was stationed in the Coast Guard at Hatteras Inlet in 2000. This is when Brian and Shaena fell in love with the Island. The islands remoteness gives a sense of freedom that they haven't been able to find anywhere else. This remoteness provides a purity that is truly hard to match and they feel it is reflected in their sea salt.

Our Philosophy.

We strive for excellence, we believe that slow solar evaporation in our solar ovens is the best method of reducing salt water for mineral retention, texture and flavor to capture the pure essence of the source. "Pure nutrient rich ocean water, yields pure nutrient rich ocean salt."