Beaded Bracelet - Crystal and Blue with Toggle Clasp


Beaded Bracelet - Crystal and Blue with Toggle Clasp 20180230

Beautiful beaded bracelet is just about 7" long, including the clasp. Perfect for a "medium sized" wrist.

Read More about Mary Durante, who is still beading and firing glass in a kiln at 94 years young, below:

I am 94 years old, some call me Mom, Grandma or Nona. Now a widow, but married for 70 wonderful years, I have 3 children, 6 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. We lived in New York, California, Florida Keys, St Augustine and other locations and have always been partial to coastal areas.

Despite my age, I still enjoy learning and creating new things. It is what keeps us fresh and mentally young! I love the challenge of creating my own version of what I see around me. Even recently I taught others how to do stain glass, beadwork and glass pendants. My daughter and I enjoy participating in craft shows and meeting new people and learning from them.

My experience includes varied areas of art mediums including stain glass, beadwork, floral, shell designs, clay, glass bowls, and most recently fire art pendants. Many of my pendants include hand cut, layered glass melted in a kiln. Using a circle saw and glass grinder I create atypical shapes and place them back in the kiln for a final finish.

I hope you enjoy my work and perhaps feel some of the excitement in wearing it as I did in its creation. - Mary

$45 In stock
Brand:Mary Durante
Primary Color:Blue
Other Colors:Crystal/White, Silver
Materials Used:Thread, glass beads, Toggle Clasp
Beaded Bracelet - Crystal and Blue with Toggle Clasp