Beachsand Snowflake Ornament by Dune Jewelry

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Made with authentic beach sand from Hatteras Island, Cape Hatteras, NC. Special ornaments to remind you of wonderful days spent at the beach or just dreaming of the beach.

The Original Beachsand Snowflakes were created in 2003 by Cape Cod artist Kellie Quinn. While building sandcastles with her children, she grew curious about the concept of sand as an art medium. In working & playing with the noticeably distinct grains of sand, the image of a snowflake was clear... such as grains of sand, no two snowflakes are alike. The concept of snowflakes made from beach sand was appealing in its simplicity - an ornament that could be displayed during the winter to bring thoughts of days at the beach.

Through a great deal of trial and error, she created a unique binding agent to hold the sand along with a setting procedure to harden it. A process was eventually developed that allows each snowflake to appear as seamless and delicate as the sand itself, yet capable of maintaining its integrity over time. The result was a truly original piece of art in every ornament. Made with sand from Cape Hatteras, each snowflake is unique in both color and texture, displaying natural variations in the grains of sand.

Enjoy them on your holiday tree or hang from a hook or in a frame for display year round.

"So many of us hold the beach close to our hearts. We cherish memories from childhood as we anticipate beach days to come. We bless our children with sea water, proclaim our love by the shore and scatter the ashes of loved ones over the beaches that filled their lives... Keep these memories close with BEACHSAND SNOWFLAKES™"

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