Aviva Sieber Designs

Aviva Sieber, Owner and Creator at SieberDesigns, creates full-time in Northampton, MA where she lives with her husband and daughter.
Aviva has been designing and quilting for over twenty years, creating one-of-a-kind purses, home decor items, quilts, gifts and accessories that have become recognizable for the color combinations that she uses as well as her style. Aviva’s favorite fabrics are batiks, as she is inspired by their unique patterns and colors. Aviva says that she challenges herself to utilize every scrap of fabric, creating signature pieces - fabric bowls, organizational items and purses.

All of SieberDesigns items are One-of-a-Kind. Aviva wants all of her customers to know that while you will find that there are several options of colors in her lines that might look similar, they will never be exactly the same as one another. “My belief is that if it’s handmade, it should be an original piece and I strive for that goal every day.”

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