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Senior Night Cowl pattern

Note: it has not been tested. Let me know if you have questions or corrections.

This infinity scarf/cowl was designed specifically for someone I love.  I was lucky enough to go to college with my best friend, live together all four of those years, move back to our hometown together, and, along with our husbands, to raise five special children (our "brood") together.  Although we have separate lives, we are family by choice.  We have taken the children on trips, enjoyed family game nights, and ferociously protected our Sunday Fundays together,  and have been thrilled to watch them maintain their close ties even after four out of the five of them have left the nests and headed to four separate colleges.

Logo belongs to UNCW

In a couple of weeks, the eldest of the brood will be recognized by the University of North Carolina at Wilmington Seahawks family (UNCW) on senior night of the boys varsity basketball game.  Accompanied by her parents and brother, my "neice" will walk onto the court as a four-year member of the pep band.  She is not only talented but also beautiful and smart, and we are all so very proud of her.

Chromatic Chunky Yarn

For a while, I've wanted to create a special handmade accessory using the Seahawk's colors, for her mom to wear on Senior Night.  Earlier this week we received a shipment of "new for 2018" yarns.  When I opened the box, one of the first things I saw was a bag of Chromatic Chunky yarn in the PERFECT blend of colors.  I think I might have even squealed out loud.

I sat down immediately and spent the evening and next morning working on a scarf/infinity cowl that would show off all of the colors of this self-striping, super soft, acrylic/wool blend chunky yarn.

I love the way it turned out - for the most part.  I have written a few changes into the following pattern.  As I test those changes I may revise the pattern if needed.  For now, this is a fun way to show off your favorite self-striping yarn.  Enjoy this FREE pattern as my gift of love, shared with you.

Thought for the Day:

"Many times what we perceive as an error or failure is actually a gift. And eventually we find that lessons learned from that discouraging experience prove to be of great worth." - Richelle E. Goodrich

Senior Night Cowl


You will need:

NOTES: My gauge was approximately 3 stitches per inch, although that is not crucial for this pattern. I used both balls of yarn as if they were two separate colors (A) and (B) during the Diagonal Color Block section of the pattern.  It won't matter which of the colors you start with on each ball as long as they are not the same.  I just started from the centers of each ball and went with the colors as they came.  Every scarf made with this pattern will be one of a kind, because of the color variation.

  • Cast on 126 Stitches
    • Use markers after stitch 25, 50, 75, 100, and 126 if you need help keeping count of your stitches.  If you can keep count without help, you only need a marker after stitch 50 and 126.  I like to use either a different color or two stitch markers together to mark where I join stitches to knit in the round.

Using Ball (A), Knit in K2,P2 Rib Pattern for six rows:

  • Row 1 - *K2, P2 - *repeat until the end of the row
  • Row 2 - Twist your stitches around once, join, *P2, K2 - *repeat until the end of the row
  • Round 3  - *K2, P2 - *repeat
  • Round 4 - *P2, K2 - *repeat
  • Round 5  - *K2, P2 - *repeat
  • Round 6 - *P2, K2 - *repeat

Diagonal Color Block Pattern Closeup

Using balls (A) and (B) Knit in Diagonal Color Block Pattern for 10 Rows

  • *K2(A), K2(B), *repeat until stitch 50, K3(A), K2(B), *K2(A), K2(B), *repeat until the end of the row

The K3 in the middle will make the colors of each round offset one stitch from the round above and below it to create diagonal "blocks" of color

Using balls (A) and (B) Knit in Stripe Pattern for 10 Rows

  • Round 17 and all odd rows - K(A)
  • Round 18 and all even rows - K(B)

Using Ball (A), Knit in K2,P2 Rib Pattern for six rows:

  • Rows 27, 29 and 31 - *K2, P2 - *repeat until the end of the row
  • Rows 28, 30 and 32 - *P2, K2 - *repeat until the end of the row

Cast off loosely in rib pattern *K2, P2

Add fringe if desired.  You can use the ribs in the pattern on your edge to evenly space your fringe.

Senior Night Cowl

Pattern (c) Jennifer Johnson 2018.  Currently offered free of charge. Contact author for permission to reproduce copies for any purpose other than personal use.

Learning from my "mistakes":  I used a different rib stitch pattern, and only used it for four rows.  My edges, in spite of washing, blocking and using a (very low temperature) iron, really want to curl.  I looked up some information about curled edges, and changed the rib pattern and ribbing width of the pattern to compensate for that.  I am going to test the changes and will continue to revised the pattern as needed.