Angel Recycled Copper Ornament


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Angel recycled copper ornament, handmade in Snead’s Ferry, NC.

Our ornaments and charms are handcrafted from recycled copper.
All the color variations are natural and unique, created by the copper’s exposure
to the weather elements, over the course of many years.

Each piece is therefore “naturally different” ~ and no two will ever be identical. Most pieces will have a more
“colorful side”, that was the side of the copper that was exposed to weather. The back side is less colorful
(since the backside was generally against a building, and was not as exposed to the elements.
On most pieces, the backside is “copper brown”, like an older penny). The striping effect on
some of the pieces is caused by the fact that most of the copper acquired is folded or bent;
when those folds are flattened out, the creases come through as colorful bands on the copper.




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