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I learned Entrelac. Now What?

After several hours, I created a long rectangle, knitted with the Entrelac technique, but had no idea what I wanted to make out of it.

If you missed the "How To" post for Entrelac, click here.

So I did what any 2018 crafter would do...I turned to social media for suggestions.


Most people responding suggested some type of wearable art.

With the guidance of our Crafty Diva, Michelle, I decided to sew the rectangle together on one side, leaving a hole for my head, and make a poncho.

OF COURSE I had intentions of taking a photo of that...but it just didn't look or feel right on me.  I had to have my thyroid removed a few years ago and now the skin on my neck is so sensitive I just can't let anything touch it.

I decided to take apart what I had sewn together, and to knit a small rectangle for the sewn shoulder so the neck hole would be more forgiving.

ONCE AGAIN after I sewed that part in I didn't take a photo, and it still didn't feel finished.  I knew it was going to be asymmetrical...and wanted it to be...but I wasn't happy yet...

Thought for the Day:

"In a ball of yarn is the potential to make a dream that you have come true."

- Melanie Falick


The finished project:

I thought a stair stepped triangle would look nice to fill in the "hole". Knowing that both of my arms would get to be covered and warm made me happy too.

FINALLY I remembered to take a photo of the final insert piece:

I sewed the triangle in place and VOILA! The finished product was ready.