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Family showing samples of Strung by Shawna String art Kits
Family String Art Photo Courtesy of Strung by Shawna

If you’re old enough, do you remember string art from the 60’s and 70’s? I’d be surprised if you have never seen it, because this art form decorated many, many homes around America.

For instance, designs often featured boats, animals and musical instruments, “strung” on a black “velvet” background.

Although I do remember creating some string art as a child, it didn’t come from a kit!

“String art originated as a way to teach Algebra to kids at the end of the 19th century and was popularized in the 1960’s as a decorative art through kits and books. In the past decade, the art form has found a resurgence in the world of Pinterest with a fun, new take that has been expressed through new mediums and materials.​

The hardest part of learning something new is knowing where to start. Here at Strung by Shawna, we make it simple.”


In 2020, we added DIY Kits by “Strung by Shawna” (scroll down to see our current stock). I have been excited, but have had a hard time keeping them in stock, because these have been a huge hit!

Snowman DIY String Art Kit
This String Art Snowman is One of several Holiday-Themed Kits we will have for you soon!

One of my most favorite things about Shawna’s Kits, aside from the quality, the fact that they are hand assembled in the USA, and the feeling of accomplishment when the projects are finished, is Shawna’s instructions.

I decided to make one of the kits because,

without doing it myself, it’s hard to explain to you how well-organized and fun the process is.

Photo of cocktail glass string art DIY Kit Ready to Make
Cocktail Glass String Art Kit Contents

Note: As of 11/6/2020, our shipment of Christmas-themed kits is on its way to us.

If you decide to pick up one of these super stocking stuffers / gifts / family fun kits, do so early! Because, once they are gone, we may not be able to get more before the holidays!

Current selection of Strung by Shawna Kits:

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Amore Pizza Seasoning
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Beatrix Yarn by Juniper Moon Farm
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Chili Spice Collection 3 Pack
Chili Spice Collection 3 Pack
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Please feel free to comment on this post, and you can even add pictures of your finished products!