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Gratitude Kit of 30 Postcards

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"I am so excited to offer you such an array of artwork for sending out and spreading the love! With this Gratitude Kit you receive 30 6.5" x 5" frame-able postcards on heavy weight cardstock for a little more than a dollar per card. You will touch 30 people's lives with sweetness. You will strengthen your ability to appreciate others. Your loving actions will reach farther than you can imagine and in return, you will be lifted up in love. Love has wings. Love spreads and heals.

This card pack is inspired from the film, Gratitude Grows, by Hailey Bartholomew about my gratitude project - as seen on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday.


Gratitude is central to how I want to live my life. My project, A Hundred Thank Yous, took 1.5 years to complete. During that time, I was deep in gratitude with each painting I made. In some ways it was a challenge for me, both spiritually and emotionally. It stretched my ability to love and appreciate.

I found that I was more present and in the moment, appreciating the smallest of gifts. The consistent practice of thankfulness brought even more things to be grateful for in my life. I want to extend gratitude beyond my original project to reach as many people as possible so I created “A Month of Thank Yous – Gratitude Kit.”

The Gratitude Guide:

This card set is designed to help you focus on gratitude for one month. At the start of each day for 30-consecutive days, take a quiet moment to think about someone who is a positive influence in your life. With the thought of that person in your mind, write a note on one card expressing your gratitude for them. Then mail or hand-deliver your card.

You could choose a dear friend or family member, someone you haven’t seen in a while, an author of the last book you read that you couldn’t put down, your dentist, the check out person at your grocery store… the people to thank are endless!

Other Ways to Use the Kit:

-Hand a card to stranger with a simple, uplifting message

-Invite your friends to coffee or lunch. Tell them one thing you love about them and one wish you have for them. Give them a card.

-Create a gratitude journal and glue 1-image per day for 10-days. With each card, write what you are grateful for that day.

-Give away a Month of Thank Yous gratitude kit as a gift – use 1-card to present it.

-Pick your favorite card and frame it for yourself – it’s important that we are grateful for all the hard work we do ourselves.

"One big way I'm saying YES to gratitude this month is by writing gratitude notes to 30 people in my life. I'm using Lori Portka's A Month of Thank Yous Gratitude Kit, and it is already changing me. Seriously. And that is honestly a bit unexpected.

When I decided to embark on this adventure of writing 30 notes of gratitude, I had the thought that I didn't know 30 people I could thank. I mean do I even have 30 people in my life? It feels so quiet over here because I spend so much time alone and with my little family.

But then I started writing the notes.

Four notes in and I can't stop thinking about new people to write to. I feel deeply steeped in really seeing and thinking about the people who have guided me to this moment in my life. And this specific kind of gratitude is a feeling I needed to experience in my bones. It is already changing me."

-By Liz Lamoreux

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